Africa: Council Says Africa’s Minerals Should Fuel Its Growth

29th May 2016

Africa should make proper use of its abundant mineral resources to fuel its socioeconomic development, advised the Governing Council of African Minerals and Geosciences Center (AMGC).

The Council says African countries should work in collaboration to benefit from their abundant mineral resources.

Chairperson of AMGC Tolasa Shagi said Africa’s largest mineral deposits can serve as key drivers in ending poverty and realizing economic growth. “Hence African mineral resources need to serve as key instruments for the attainment of sustainable socioeconomic development under the insurance of good governance, transparency and accountability,” Tolasa said.

Mentioning Ethiopia’s case, the AMGC Chairperson who is also Ethiopia’s Minister of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas said capacity limitations, lack of sufficient geo-science information and low level of local value addition, among others are the challenges in the mining industry in Ethiopia.

“These challenges I believe are also the challenges of the whole Africa that would be solved mainly through the coordinated effort,” Tolasa noted.


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