Tanzania: Govt Looks for Mining Sector to Spur Growth


By Maureen Odunga

Tanzania aspires to see the mining sector contributes up to 10 percent to the economy through value addition and beneficiation so as to spur growth and development.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Prof James Mdoe made the remarks in Dar es Salaam yesterday, citing that the country is one among Africa’s mineral -rich countries endowed with a range of minerals.

“The current contribution of the mineral sector to our GDP is about 3.5 percent which is still very low, the aim is to see the sector contributing up to 10 percent,” said Prof Mdoe during the First Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) Seminar on Sustainable Development of Mineral Resources for the Mining Sector of the country.

This can only be possible if mineral commodities prices indicate a consistent upward trend and likewise the global economy recovers, so as to allow exploration and mining companies to access finances from financial institutions.

“Tanzania is prepared to provide conducive environment for investment in the mineral sector and enhance its contribution to the country’s economy,” he said. He called on local and foreign potential investors to consider establishing beneficiation value addition facilities in the country.

Capacity building is of utmost importance in the exploitation of mineral resources sustainably, noting that Japan obtained the required technology, skills and experience which can be shared to Tanzania.

The Manager for Geographical Information System and Geo- Scientific Data Processing with the Geological Survey of Tanzania, Mr Terence Ngole said experts from Japan and Tanzania had gathered to discuss on issues of mine pollution control and mineral exploration.

JOGMEC Seminar on Environmental Conservation on Mine Sites and Exploration in Tanzania is the first to be held in the country, therefore participants will be able to share updated information on the areas.

“The platform is going to welcome on further collaboration between Japan and Tanzania considering that the country bares a lot of minerals of which some have not gained economic exploration,” noted Mr Ngole.

Tanzania will be able to benefit from transfer of skills, knowledge as well as investors through the various studies on the mining sector.

SOURCE: http://allafrica.com/stories/201609230643.html

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