Western Sahara: New Zealand Protesters Stand Up Against ‘Stolen Blood Phosphate’ Illegally Mined From Occupied Western Sahara


Sahara Press Service (El Aaiun)

Christchurch (New Zealand) 09 December 2019 (SPS)– New Zealand protesters organised a campaign and water flotilla in Christchurch, on Monday, to stand up against New Zealand company (Ravensdown) boat, “the Federal Crimson” carrying 55,000 tonnes of stolen “blood phosphate” from the illegally occupied territory of Western Sahara, the group of protesters indicated in various information they posted on their facebook pages.

The Protesters met the phosphate-laden cargo ship as it arrived in Christchurch, calling for New Zealand companies to stop importing these stolen goods from the occupied territory of Western Sahara in complicity with Morocco, the military occupying force.

Upon its arrival to the port, “the Federal Crimson” was received by a peace flotilla of 15 kayaks, a yacht, and a ferry filled with more than 100 school children. A further 80 human rights activists were singing slogans calling for the freedom of Western Sahara.

The Kayaks protestors put a large Saharawi flag on the boat “to show them that the cargo belongs to Western Sahara”, declared Josie Butler, one of the organisers in a video posted on her facebook page.

On another hand, the Rail, Maritime and Transport Trade Union boarded the ship on arrival, and handed a letter of protest to the captain, to reflect Trade Union’s decision in favour of the freedom of Western Sahara and against the import of “Blood Phosphate” from the occupied territories. (SPS)

090/500/600 (SPS)

Photos taken from the Facebook page of New Zealand’s activist, Josie Butler.

SOURCE: http://www.spsrasd.info/news/en/articles/2019/12/09/23702.html

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