Early Week Essay: Aboriginal spokesperson reiterates Juukan demands

Published by MAC on 2020-09-21
Source: The Guardian (2020-09-21)

One of Australia’s leading Aboriginal spokespeople, Jamie Lowe, has taken to the pages of the UK Guardian in forcefully expressing, not simply rationales  for radically reforming Native Title legislation.

Mr Lowe echoes our own website MAC in July, following Rio Tinto premeditately blowing apart the sacred Juukan Gorges.

“The best practice ‘national standards’ is based on principles outlined in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, endorsed by Australia”, says Lowe; these ” are comprehensive and would provide more certainty for both industry and traditional owners” [SeeMAC adds voice to Aboriginal demands].

Mining companies have operated with a free rein and few consequences for too long

The Juukan Gorge catastrophe could have happened to any mining company. We need strong law reform

Jamie Lowe


The Guardian

21 September 2020

They were dragged kicking and screaming, but Rio Tinto’s board finally took the crucial first steps towards accountability for the destruction of caves at Juukan Gorge…


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