Stopping Deep Sea Mining: A unique opportunity to avoid an ocean catastrophe


8 December 2022, 9.08pm EST

Join MiningWatch, the Deep Sea Mining Campaign, the Civil Society Forum of Tonga, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition, and Oceans North at a side event organized during COP15 in Montreal. 

Details: December 13, 2022 from 2 – 4PM 

Location: UQAM, Salle polyvalente (SH-4800) du pavillon Sherbrooke 200 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal

More information on Facebook.

Mining may soon begin in one of the most ecologically fragile and intact places on the planet: the deep seabed.

Canadian mining companies are leading the way, putting at risk the health of the deep ocean and the thousands of species who call it home. But the movement calling for an immediate moratorium or ban on deep sea mining is growing fast. How will deep sea mining affect deep sea and marine and coastal ecosystems? What’s at stake if this destructive industry goes forward for ocean health and the human communities who depend on that? How can ensure a global moratorium on deep sea mining is in place before it’s too late?

Hear from mining-affected communities in the Pacific and global and Canadian organizations on policy, and watch the 16-minute documentary “Blue Peril” — a visual investigation of the impacts of deep sea mining in the Pacific Ocean and how far-reaching these are likely to be.


  • Matt Gianni, Co-founder, Political and Policy Advisor, Deep Sea Conservation Coalition
  • Tita Kara, Civil Society Forum of Tonga Nuku’Alofa Tonga
  • Catherine Coumans, Asia Pacific Coordinator, MiningWatch Canada
  • Susanna Fuller, vice-president of operations and projects at Oceans North
  • Moderated by Rodrigue Turgeon, MiningWatch Canada


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