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‘Terrifying’: WWF chief hits out at plans to mine the deep sea

 A whale splashes in the ocean. The WWF has expressed concern about plans to mine the deep sea. (Photo: Abigail Lynn / Unsplash) By Reuters 29 Jun 2022 There is growing interest in deep-sea mining but there is also pressure from environmental groups and governments to either ban it or ensure it only goes ahead if … More

Death of Roger Moody, one of the founders of Mines and Communities

Published by MAC on 2022-06-20Source: Statement Roger Moody, former Managing Editor, Mines & Communities. Photo: Jamie Kneen With deep sadness we announce the death of our friend and co-worker Roger Moody, journalist, mining researcher and activist, a leading figure in Partizans (People Against Rio TInto Zinc ANd Subsidiaries), the Minewatch Collective, Mines and Communities and … More

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