Tanzania: CAG Faults NEMC Over Mining Inspections

Published on Monday, 13 July 2015 02:27


The CAG, Professor Mussa Assad

NATIONAL Environmental Management Council (NEMC) has failed in its objectives to enforce environmental management control system, particularly inspections in all mining activities in the country, the Controller and Auditor General’s (CAG) performance audit report has revealed.

“Strategies for enforcement of environmental control system were not clearly set out,” the CAG, Professor Mussa Assad, said in his recently released performance audit report on enforcement of environmental control systems in the mining sector in Tanzania.

He said that those planning tools did not indicate clear strategies for environmental enforcement in mine operations and availed strategic plans and annual work plans did not address key risk factors which were associated with mining sector, as well as those factors that would require immediate NEMC intervention.

“Non availability of these enforcement parameters for guiding enforcement of environmental control systems in medium and small scale mines made it difficult for NEMC to assess its level of performance,” the CAG said.

According to him, NEMC has not adequately used information from other actors such as local government authorities and ministries, departments and agencies in performing its compliance and enforcement activities.

The overall tasks of overseeing and enforcing the implementation of environmental control systems in mines to maintain environmental quality standards are falling under the purviews of the Vice-President’s Office-Directorate of Environment and NEMC, respectively.

Their mandates are vested in them by Environmental Management Act No. 20 of 2004 and its Regulations of 2005. If the environment is left unmanaged and unregulated, then it may result into endangering human health, life, ecological balance as well as deterioration of other living things.

In his report, therefore, Prof. Assad recommended to NEMC to undertake proper monitoring or inspections in order to establish performance profile of those facilities whose enforcement is vital with the view of establishing the compliance level of each of the mining facilities.

The Vice-President’s Office, the CAG recommends the Environment Directorate to ensure environmental enforcement activities done by NEMC, Sector Ministries and Local Government Authorities are properly coordinated, harmonized and all stakeholders establish a firm reporting line.

He recommended further that the Directorate should ensure that it monitors NEMC’s performance on enforcement of the environmental control systems in the mining sector by regularly reviewing its performance as well as improving its capacity on human resource, financial and technology in meeting its overall enforcement objectives.

SOURCE: http://dailynews.co.tz/index.php/local-news/47148-cag-faults-nemc-over-mining-inspections

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