Zambia: Mining Acres of Diamonds in You

30th December 2015


PHIL McGraw says “Every one of us, you included, has within us everything we will ever need to be, do and have anything and everything we will ever want and need.”

That everything within you represents your acres of diamonds of your inborn divinity or providence good will; talent or something that you can do better than anyone else in the whole world; creativity or ability to create things; and application or action.

Interestingly enough, most people have little or no idea about this wholesome creative power within us.

For example, there was a farmer who lived happily on his farm with his family.

Some people said that he was happy because he was successful while others said that he was successful because he was happy.

Actually, he was successful because he was happy. It is happiness which creates success and not the other way around.

The farmer was as comfortable as a fully-grown ground-nut or pea-nut plant sitting in a fertile equatorial-rain forest soil.

He was kind and because of that many people loved him. He was like a shade-giving tree at an oasis in the Kalahari or Sahara desert.

But one day a wise man came to visit and told him everything about diamonds.

He said that if he had a piece of diamond the size of his eye-ball he could buy the most expensive luxury car of his own choice and dream; if he had a piece of diamond the size of his thumb he could buy his own district in his country; if he had a piece of diamond the size of his fist he could buy his own province in his country; and if he had a piece of diamond the size of his head he could buy his own country on his continent. Upon hearing this, the farmer became obsessed with diamonds and that night he went to bed as a sad man because for the first time in his life he feared that he was poor.

On the following morning, the farmer decided to sell his farm.

He made provisions for his family and left to look for diamonds elsewhere.

He looked for diamonds in Africa, North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe but he could not find diamonds.

When he reached Europe he ran out of money, became depressed and soon died as a destitute.

Meanwhile, back home the person who had bought his farm was one day taking his animals to drink water at a stream which passed through the farm.

As he stood by the stream, with both his hands holding his waist and watching his thirsty beasts savagely picking up big mouthfuls of water and forcefully throwing them into their drum-sized stomachs with their long tongues and erect tails, he saw the rays of the sun shining on some stones under water and making them sparkle like a rainbow.

He picked up some and took them for analysis and to his great surprise those stones were diamonds!

As a matter of fact, the whole farm was actually located on acres of pure diamonds.

This made him and his family extremely rich and famous for many generations.

The reason why the original farmer sold his farm and left to look for diamonds elsewhere was that he did not know how diamonds looked like.

Basically, he was just strolling, stretching, standing, sitting, sleeping and smooching on top of acres of pure diamonds.

There are many people who do just that in their lives!

They only stroll, stretch, stand, sit, sleep and smooch on top of their acres of pure diamonds.

For you to succeed in your life, you must first identify, develop and dig up your acres of pure diamonds within you.

This famous story is told as a parody or comical imitation of the true story of the two brothers of South Africa, Johaness Nicolaas De Beer and Diederik Arnoldus De Beer, who sold and left their farm behind which was located on acres of pure diamonds!

In May 1871, diamonds were discovered in South Africa on a farm called Vooruitzicht owned by these two brothers.

As the commotion and stampede of diamond fortune hunters increased, the two De beer brothers decided to sell their farm for 6,000 British pounds and moved away, leaving their name behind which later became legend.

The commotion and stampede of the South African diamond rush was really intense and dangerous.

For instance, on September 6, 1870, Cape Argus, the leading newspaper in the South African colony, reported that ‘When we see many giving up good situations, and even leaving their wives and children with little resources, we begin to think that diamond hunting is becoming a dangerous madness… All classes are on the road… Some are trekking on foot, some in ox-wagons and some in mule carts’.

Two months later by July 1871, about 10,000 diggers were already working the ‘De Beers diamond mine’ known as the New Rush, when a local cook found large deposits of diamonds about one mile or so from the original De beers’ farm house.

This new discovery of diamonds became the most sensational of them all in the whole of South Africa such that it had to be given a new dignified name Kimberley Diamond Mine in honor of Lord Kimberley who was the British Secretary of State for the colonies from 1870 to 1874.

In 1888, Cecil Rhodes who had come to South Africa from England in 1870 for health reasons and to grow cotton founded the De beers Kimberley mining company at the age of 34, after securing funding from the wealthy Rothschild family of England.

The two brothers Johaness Nicolaas De beer and Diederik Arnoldus De beer had nothing to do with Cecil Rhodes’ De beers Kimberly mining company as they had sold their farm on which the company was located and moved away.

Cecil Rhodes started off by renting out water pumps to diamond mine owners all of whom he later bought out. He went on to become the richest man in the Western hemisphere before he was 40 years old!

Throughout the 20th Century, the De beers Kimberley mining company maintained world monopoly in the production and sale of rough diamonds.

Today, more than one hundred years later, the De Beer Consolidated Mines (DBCM) are 74 per cent owned by the original company and 26 per cent owned by a broad-based black economic empowerment Ponahalo


In 2007, the sales of the De Beer consolidated mines were worth US$5.9 billion.

Up until today, it remains a great mystery just to imagine how rich and famous the two De Deer brothers and their families would have become if only they had decided to stay on their farm on which was located acres of pure diamonds.

The lesson from this amazing and legendary story is as clear as daylight at noon on a sunny day.

Shiv Khera explains ‘When our attitude is right, we realise that we are all walking on acres and acres of diamonds.

Opportunity is always under our feet. We do not have to go anywhere.

All we need to do is recognise it. The grass always looks greener on the other side.

While we are eyeing the grass on the other side, there are others who are eyeing the grass on our side.

They would be happy to trade places with us.

People, who do not know how to recognise opportunity, complain of noise when it knocks.

Opportunities are easier recognised when they are leaving rather than when they are coming’.

Aminu Isa Waziri observes “Whatever you want to accomplish the power to do so has already been implanted in your being.”

The 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909) advised that “Do what you can with what you have, where you are” and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) said “What lies behind us and what lies in front of us pales in significance when compared to what lies within us.”

What matters most is ‘who you are’, positive or negative instead of ‘where you are’.

With your positive mind power you have so much opportunity under your own feet where you are right now for you to be, do and have whatever you choose to be, do and have.

Let 2016 be your year of developing your positive mind power and mining your acres of pure diamonds within you of divinity, talent, creativity and application to achieve your personal success.

I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2016 with abundance in your life.

Author is a Motivational Mentor and Consultant in Positive Mind-Set Change.


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