All the world’s at C – Part 1

Published by MAC on 2020-12-10
Source: MAC (2020-12-04)

This Essay – though book length in all – isn’t intended to intimidate, far less employ the current Corona Virus pandemic as a means of galvanising even more trepidation along a global trajectory that’s already cowed so many of us.

Instead, it attempts to instrumentalise (rather than merely conceptualise) future communally-shared life on earth. And to do so, by re-invigorating modes of social intercourse and survival (modus vivendi) that have served existence (if not always shared values) in the pre-endemic era. These must surely now, as swiftly as possible, inform and regulate construction of all our futures.

Much of the information, discussion and methodology for this essay is based on the work of our shortly-to-be 20 years old Mines and Communities group (MAC).

As a transnational collective, comprising Indigenous activists, civil society organisations acting in solidarity with them, academic researchers, trustworthy analysts, industry observers, journalists and others, MAC evolved in 2001 from several other UK NGOs, and then proceeded to link with other global alliances.

We trust our readers will find what follows both informative and provocative.

Acces PDF file (1MB) in the following link: All_the_worlds_at_C_Part_One_2020.pdf

See also:

New section looking at mining and Covid-19.


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