Algeria: Large Mine Exploitation to Result in Gradual Raw Material Import Cut

27 DECEMBER 2020Algerie Presse Service (Algiers)

The year 2021 will be that of a diversified economy driven by several sectors, including mining that will contribute to meeting the needs of manufacturing industries for raw materials through a large exploitation of mining resources, said Minister of Mining Mohamed Arkab.

The current domestic production “is very low and does not meet needs.” Moreover, the import of raw materials used in manufacturing industries weighs on the public Treasury.

According to Arkab, the optimal exploitation of mining ores will meet the needs of domestic industry for raw material in addition to the exploration of opportunities to move towards global mining markets and generate foreign exchange incomes.

“The technical studies have been finalized while the development of specifications for the operation of the mines of Ghar-Djebilet and Oued Amizour is in the final stage,” stated the minister.

According to Arkab, work on the construction of an iron ore mining complex in this region will start next March.

However, the operation of the Ghar Djebilet mine requires the use of advanced techniques, recalled the minister.

Regarding the exploitation of lead and zinc, the same official said that the national stock of these two materials hit 64 million tonnes including 32 million tonnes located at the Oued Amizour mine in Bejaia.

For this purpose, an agreement has been signed with the University of Bejaia for studies on this project whose implementation is scheduled for next April in partnership with a foreign partner.

Partnership with foreigners for exploitation of certain minerals

In this regard, the operation to verify the stockpile of the Oued Amizour mine and to define the techniques and technologies to be used had begun in 2012, in collaboration with an Australian partner, and is at an advanced stage.

Referring to foreign partnerships, Arkab spoke of certain minerals whose exploitation requires advanced technologies hence the need for Algeria to use foreign partnership as the industrial exploitation of gold, iron and phosphate in Ghar Djebilet.

Read the original article on Algerie Presse Service.


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