28th January 2021


DEPUTY Minister for Minerals, Prof Shukuru Manya has emphasized that all disputes related to mining licences must be resolved through the Mining Commission; which is the licensing body in the country.

He said that during a meeting with Mwime 2 Gold Mine Leaders at the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST) Conference Hall in Dodoma, recently organized to find out reasons for the delay in the mine’s licenses’ applications.

The directives came after he was informed of disputes ongoing in Kahama District Mining Office over delays in obtaining control number that validates a mining site licence at Mwime 2. He urged Mwime 2 Mine Officials to follow the rules and procedures laid down by the ministry when they need a licence on mining sites, so as to avoid such conflicts that arise often.

“The conflict history of Mwime 2 is a very long one, since I was the Executive Secretary of the Mining Commission. I was the one who reviewed the licences you (Mwime 2) are using now, meaning I know the entire story. Hence, I suggest that you follow rules and procedures set by the ministry through licence providers from the mining commission,” he directed.

Prof Manya also asked Mwime 2 leaders to wait for the ‘safety and security District Committee meeting,’ led by the District Commissioner that will provide a solution of the conflicts early next month. “In order to eliminate such conflicts that often occur, it is advisable to receive instructions from the Resident Mining Officer and act on them before deciding to meet with the minister,” he guided.

On the other hand, the Chairman of Mwime 2 Mine Board of Directors Mr Emmanuel Mlimandago requested the mining commission to assist them resolve the dispute, so that they get their licence to continue mining in the area.

“We have improved infrastructure in the areas around the Mwime 2 mine. Initially there was a challenge of the mine being flooded, but after we built an embankment it has been a great help in our work,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the mine’s Public Relations Officer Mr Christopher Bundala has requested the acting executive of the mining commission, Eng. Yahya Samamba to visit the mine so that he completely solves the dispute.

“It is better if the mining commission visited the mine to hear complaints from both sides before making any decisions,” he said.

In response, Eng Samamba promised to address the disputes, saying: “It will be wise to wait for the directives from the ‘safety and security District Committee meeting’ first; and because you are the first people in the area to start working I am confident you will be given priority, rather than allocating the area to other people from outside Shinyanga Region.”


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