3900 People Demand Pan American Silver Stop Fueling Violence in Guatemala

‘I Am Xinka’ Banner at Guatemala Constitutional Court; Photo: Jackie McVicar

15 April 2021, 12.18pm EDT

Viviana Herrera

Interim Latin America Program Coordinator

Dear Pan American Silver,

When you purchased the Escobal mine in 2019, you knew about the broad opposition to the project and that there had been violent repression against those involved in the fight. Now, your refusal to halt local programs in Xinka communities is fomenting tension and division. These activities violate the court-ordered suspension of the mine, undermine the possibility of a good-faith consultation with the Xinka, and put Xinka land defenders at risk.

Enough! Today, we deliver a petition signed by Indigenous leaders such as Kukpi7 Judy Wilson and Winona LaDuke, former UN Special Rapporteurs Michel Forst and Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, and influential authors Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein, along with over 3900 others, to demand that you respect the Xinka people’s right to be freely consulted without violence and threats, and immediately cease interference in Xinka communities.

See the signatures here. Petition to Pan American Silver 1.17 MBPDF


Blog Entry Canadian Organizations Ask Government to Publicly Condemn Violence Against Indigenous Land Defenders in Guatemala 30.03.2021

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Protect Water Mining can have serious effects on surface and subsurface water (357)

Control the Corporations Canadian mining companies operate around the world without regulations (1124)

Fix Mining Laws Many Canadian mining laws are out of step with current values and expectations (428)

Put People and Ecosystems First Sound environmental planning may or may not allow mining (407)

SOURCE: https://miningwatch.ca/blog/2021/4/15/3900-people-demand-pan-american-silver-stop-fueling-violence-guatemala?cf_chl_jschl_tk=74b6502ff71ea0cedd47d37b3149a45faf46650a-1619598909-0-AXn-iyhmL_un4KI2Fqn-pA07sipnuSobQl6RKVmIoMt2CRzbI_uW2dq7Js5KLAWj025R5ddav4VWDSf0sZeppK8i7aZ_wbLYNuvV4lPVt1JAIH1gQRkz1ULuRYnmKarsUUrXe9ocqrV38oT3Ab1qvVh8HcMb8-lOHcqfehVC4mbNbNs05cv7Iu-Wtgdc_KwpdoeQIpj8wCCbFdLR3sCN7jq5AajQTbWKaYCPST75lDfX0-WX3ZHXPdkQspjeX8zUFKndZTs-LCtIpOTp6C7f3z8t_P92u8wecyfD33UqCLmMQWdOS6b1J7ma2Sdq2TmLW_94p4DM5r1-1zLBRXqOEsYVK6Vy_Yqg3YnlPs7MsAlPZYxa7XlHBQZkDtLl-cGNkAaEleBvQ48RtnaQq3a5JGYiAJdkswRHe90hEjVHh4zc4c4Z-RkvzWtgq9qeCkWBNtdGy_84rY0SuE5wRqpZOtkB7rg9Q8u1ujMX6wQJ8c5O6JsvwdIUPee0uGD4eFNB3w

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