Canada: Call on Your MP to Protect Our Oceans and Stop Deep Sea Mining Before It Starts

1 June 2022, 8.52am EDT

Mining could soon begin in one of the most fragile ecosystems on the planet: the deep seabed. And while Canadian companies are at the forefront of efforts to expand this destructive industry into our oceans, the Canadian government has largely remained silent. Canada is failing to join a global movement calling for a moratorium and has no official position on deep seabed mining in either domestic or international waters. That needs to change. 

The ocean is already being threatened by pollution, overfishing, climate change, and biodiversity loss. Frontline communities, scientists, and organizations are all warning that deep seabed mining could cause catastrophic biodiversity loss that could never recover on a human timescale. We know that our oceans depend on healthy ecosystems to store carbon, provide habitats, and recycle nutrients. While much work needs to be done to restore the health of our oceans, deep sea mining is a new and tangible threat that we can stop before it starts — but we have to act quickly. 

It’s time for Canada to protect our oceans. Call on your Member of Parliament to oppose deep seabed mining and to support policies that will protect the seabed along Canada’s coasts and in the international waters that belong to all of us…

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